SolidBlock presence at Tel Aviv Crypto Conference 2019

The future of crypto is to a huge extent being written in Israel, the Startup Nation, which is why it’s an honor to be asked to speak locally at the upcoming Annual Crypto Conference 2019 on June 4th in Tel Aviv, sponsored by Bit2C, the premier Israeli crypto exchange.

SolidBlock’s CMO Yael Tamar will speak on a panel about the future of security tokenization led by lawyer Guy Lachmann, one of Israel’s leading authorities on the legal and regulatory climate for fintech and blockchain.  Also participating will be Dr. Gitit Gur Gershgoren, head of the Department of Research, Development and Strategic Economic Consulting, and chief economist of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA).

Speaking on a panel with the ISA is great news because they just announced, back in March, that they’re seriously investigating the feasibility of a dedicated token exchange.  That recommendation followed a one-year investigation, with input from numerous stakeholders, to determine how securities law will apply to crypto assets going forward.  

The ISA is also attempting to create direct links with the Israeli fintech industry, in the hopes that Israel will be able to forge a crypto-friendly regulatory climate to rival more STO-friendly countries like Malta and Ukraine.

With Yael representing SolidBlock on this panel, and such heavy hitters in attendance who are sure to be paying close attention, takeaways from this conference are sure to include more good news for STOs overall and for real estate investment in specific.  And with Israel being the source of so much activity and innovation in the blockchain sector overall, we’re sure to see some of these outcomes reflected globally over the next few months as well.

If you’re planning to be in Tel Aviv at the Annual Crypto Conference on June 4th and want to chat and find out more about how SolidBlock’s proven STO model could help your business, or if you’re interested in investing in the future of real estate, you’re welcome to get in touch anytime.

Tzivia MacLeod

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