SolidBlock says “See you in September…!”

Summertime is usually a time for relaxing and taking it easy.  But here at SolidBlock, we’re spending most of August gearing up for a wild month of activity.

Where can you find us?

First up, we’ll be in Russia for a series of meetings and other private engagements on August 28-29.  Click to set up a meeting with Yael in Russia.

After that, September’s coming up quickly and it’s time to kick things into high gear.  

We’ll be hurrying home just in time for Blockchain Week in Tel Aviv, including our own exciting event on September 9, 2019 (9/9/19) – Real Estate Shark Tank: Tokenization Edition at RISE Tel Aviv.  Get all the info and sign up here.  We’re bringing in some of the biggest names in the Israeli fintech scene, including Cointelligence, Blockchain Israel, and more, and we’re demonstrating how it’s done with actual live bidding for tokenized investments.  If you’re looking for an event that’s hands-on and reality-based, come join us for the one blockchain event nobody will be sleeping through.

Next up, we’ll be heading over to the Empowering Blockchain Summit, September 13-14 in Jakarta, Indonesia.  CMO Yael Tamar will be speaking on “Will Blockchain Have the Biggest Effect in Developing Countries?”  We’ll be sharing live updates from that event and her talk on the potential of tokenization in developing nations.  Find out more at or click here to schedule a time to meet with Yael in Indonesia.

Then we’ll be heading home for the DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference, part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, from September 16 to 19.  CMO Yael Tamar will be moderating a panel and we’ll have more details on the topic and participants closer to the event.  Get the details and apply to attend at

And finally, we’re dusting off our passports one last time to head east… far east, to Korea from Sept 23-26, where CMO Yael Tamar will be giving a presentation on blockchain to the Korean government.

Whenever we travel, whoever we meet, we’re constantly keep our ear to the ground for the latest innovations to bring back and share with you.  We’re also making deals, finding partners, and solidifying global agreements in a few different regions, including Asia and the EU, so stay tuned for some major announcements once we’re done.

And meanwhile – it’s still summer, so enjoy the sunshine and take it easy for a couple of weeks.  And then… come find us at one of these fabulous events in September!

Tzivia MacLeod

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