Around the World in a Day with CMO Yael Tamar

When it comes to spreading the word about innovative blockchain applications, few people are as busy as SolidBlock’s CMO Yael Tamar.  She recently did a one-day “around-the-world” tour – well, three very different destinations, looking at three very different topics, with truly globetrotting implications.

From global real estate technology…

First up was an introductory talk called “Introduction to Innovative Real Estate Technologies” in Ramat Gan.  This was the first session in a course aimed at bringing real estate professionals up to speed about the implications of blockchain technologies, including tokenization, for the future of their industry.  

This course is part of a series of planned courses and workshops for real estate professionals which will ultimately lead to accreditation by FIBREE, the 3,000-member international network for knowledge exchange between the real estate industry, the IT sector, and blockchain technology.

All the way to developing nations in Africa…

Then she had the privilege of demonstrating the use of blockchain to do good for the world at the Urban Innovation For Good – DLD Meetup, part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.  Yael presented a TED-style talk called “Blockchain for good: Empowering Africa with property transactions on the blockchain.”  

Her talk explored the potential for blockchain to open up many areas of development for struggling independent African nations.  Currently, real estate in many areas is in chaos, without orderly land registries and systems to track property ownership.  Blockchain can solve that and other problems, bringing these nations into the modern era efficiently and affordably.  

… And back home again to the Start Up Nation

Finally, Yael wrapped up the evening at another DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival event, the Blockchain Israel x DLD Festival 2019 Meetup.  There, she represented SolidBlock as one of five innovating Israeli startups in the blockchain space in an event called “Meet the Blockchain Israel Startups.”

The goal of that event was “bringing together entrepreneurs and developers, academics and researchers who are intent on changing the world.”  In a country known as the Start Up Nation, Israelis have come to expect innovation and radical new ideas.  So it’s an honor to be singled out as one of the up and coming thought leaders in this very crowded and competitive arena full of great projects and awe-inspiring talent.

We hope you’ll agree that this was truly an around-the-world journey – all in a single busy afternoon.  Sure, all three events actually took place within an hour of one another (making for some mighty speedy bike riding to get from one to the other!), but they really do represent a whirlwind tour — in microcosm — of all the exciting potential worldwide applications for blockchain in the real estate space.

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