Who wants to come to Bali? Adventures of SolidBlock in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very interesting market with a population of 264 million getting close to that of the US. 

Bali, A sun-kissed tropical island paradise is the jewel in the crown of Indonesia’s booming tourism industry and an important foreign exchange earner of the country. And this island of Indonesia may not come to mind as a country deeply involved with cryptocurrencies, yet Bali was one of the first places to embrace cryptocurrency real-estate, even though there is not much listed.

An unnamed buyer spent more than 800 Bitcoins, totaling approximately $500,000 at the time, for a villa in Bali. Although residential real estate agents and buyers are comfortable with using Bitcoin to purchase real estate in Bali, we have yet to see any listings in the commercial or industrial markets.

SolidBlock is looking into tokenizing a few projects in Bali for resort purposes.

The Inauguration of Empowering Blockchain Summit 2019 was held with 20+ precious partners, 30+ of industry leaders, 500+ participants, and 50+ media partners. Its main focus is sharing insights and solutions on the best way to successfully introduce and apply the blockchain technology into the overall industry. We are fortunate to be a part of this great summit.

#Tokenization can have a huge impact on developing nations. SolidBlock CMO Yael Tamar was so excited and honored to be the first keynote speaker after all the official introductions and main sponsor in the empowering #blockchain summit @ Jakarta, Indonesia. Yael talked about “Will #Blockchain Have the Biggest Effect in Developing Countries?” 

Hands down the highest number of women in a blockchain conference we have ever seen! As the founder of Women in Block it makes Yael particularly excited @Empowering Blockchain Summit, Jakarta

And just like that, the sun sets on another Blockchain summit. What an incredible & interesting conference networking with best in the global industry players and being inspired by some of Africa’s best in the industry.

With this kick start we got a lot of interest in indonesia as it’s also a developing countries & hoped to cooperate with local academic institutions for research. 

Please stay tuned for our upcoming event and we appreciate your continued support. And if you’re interested in how tokenization might work for your asset—or to find out more about investing in STOs—get in touch with us anytime.

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