Taking on the Big Apple at MIPIM PropTech 2019

With so many great finances, real estate, and tech conferences all over the globe, we have to be careful that a) we’re not spreading ourselves too thin, and b) we’re targeting the right ones to find projects, sign new deals, and network with the best of the best. But here’s a power conference we absolutely couldn’t miss: MIPIM PropTech NYC on Nov. 12 and 13, the city’s premier real estate and tech event.

We’ll be flying over there right after the fabulous Malta AI & Blockchain Summit from Nov. 4 to 8, which we’ve already raved about here.

Taking place at the intersection of real estate and technology, PropTech NYC is right in SolidBlock’s wheelhouse. And CEO Yuval Wirzberger will be there with CMO Yael Tamar, joining 1,500 other participants from a grand total of 50 countries.

(In case you’re wondering, MIPIM is short for the French, “Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier,” meaning “International Market for Real Estate Professionals”!)

The theme of this year’s PropTech NYC is “Matching User Expectations.” Sessions will look at real estate from two different perspectives: users of cities, and users of buildings.

With so many great sessions, it’s tough to choose, but we’re really keyed up to hear NYC FIBREE co-chair John Dean Markunas at a Lunch n’ Learn on “The merits of blockchain technologies: Impact and disruption of the real estate industry,” followed by a talk on “Blockchain and tokenization: The next wave in PropTech.” These guys are really speaking our language!

PropTech NYC will once again feature the PropTech Challenge, sponsored by the Real Estate Board of New York, offering prizes in the areas of operations and maintenance and Internet of Things (IoT). Last year, top participants from participants from over 12 countries walked away with a grand total of $50,000 in cash and prizes across four categories, so the heat is sure to be on with this year’s follow-up.

Other highlights we’re looking forward to are Anthony Malkin talking about upgrades to the hugely complex energy infrastructure of the Empire State Building and Brad Tusk and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s former campaign manager talking about sustainable urban development. There’s also a Women in Proptech awards gala honoring powerful female business leaders in six different categories.

We’ll be setting up meetings for our time in NYC, so even though the conference is sure to keep us busy, let us know if you’re going to be there. Let’s connect and talk about how SolidBlock can help make tokenization part of your proptech future.Real estate in NYC used to be all about location, location, location.  Today, it’s proptech, proptech, proptech. Off to the Big Apple for MIPIM PropTech NYC 2019!

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