SolidBlock’s Team: Stronger, Bigger, Better

Our development team at SolidBlock just got a whole lot stronger.  

We’re pleased and proud to welcome Daniel Jaffe to our team as Chief Technology Officer.

Daniel’s no stranger to innovation – or to blockchain.  He comes to SolidBlock with 14+ years’ experience in software development and high-tech research.  

He began his career in a demanding role with the main IDF intelligence unit as a software team lead.  He then worked for large corporations including Dell and Bank Leumi in software development, team lead, and product management.  Eventually, he chose to take an entrepreneurship path.  And in that role, over the years, he’s helped dozens of startups frame their ideas and develop them into viable technological products.  

Now that he’s on board with us at SolidBlock, what can we expect?

Daniel’s past expertise has largely centered around the gap between product requirements, development tasks, sales needs, and actually monetizing the product.  In other words, he’s a person who keeps a laser- focus on getting things done and delivering real-world results.

When we asked Daniel what his plans are, he said he was still mapping his first steps.  But he added, “I’m looking forward to helping SolidBlock move forward to its next stage, building a mature and easy-to-use platform that can make tokenization more feasible around the globe.”

In particular, he’s had a longtime fascination with decentralized technology, seeing this as the realization of the potential of the internet.  In particular, he believes that by offering the right tools and engaging users, he can create software that helps build bridges between decentralized technologies and the real world.

“I also believe that as decentralization grows, we’ll see more and more individuals reclaiming their privacy and taking back financial power through these decentralized immutable platforms.”

Building bridges to real-world properties is a key element in tokenization.  And the field of digital assets as a whole creates many exciting opportunities to bridge racial, cultural, and socioeconomic gaps, empowering both investors and property owners to create a better financial reality for as many stakeholders as possible.

Building on his previous experience in startup ecosystems, IoT, and blockchain, we can’t wait to see what kind of vision Daniel will bring to SolidBlock.Click here to subscribe so we can always keep you posted on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Tzivia MacLeod

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