It’s February and we’re in love!

February is here and we’re so excited. This is the month the world starts to thaw from the chill of winter (depending on where you live!). And, of course, it’s the month of love.

In this case, we’re in love with the lineup of great conferences and networking events unfolding this month as we network, make deals, and move closer to announcing some of our exciting upcoming projects for this year.

From Feb. 2-6, CEO Yuval Wirzberger will be off to Phuket, Thailand to check out the tokenization situation and strategies in Asia, as well as for networking events. If you want to sit down with Yuval while he’s in Thailand, just pick your best time here.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 5, CMO Yael Tamar and Daniel Jaffe, SolidBlock’s new CTO, are heading to the final gala event capping off PropCon 2020 – Israel’s Real Estate & Construction Innovation Month. In case you missed the news, SolidBlock was chosen to go on to the finals of the PropCon #Hackathon in the Smart Selling category, sponsored by LiveStone Proptech Ventures.

The lovefest continues with Blockchain Predictions 2020 on Feb. 12 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. in Tel Aviv at AWS Floor 28 Education Hub in Tel Aviv, , hosted by Blockchain Israel – Bl0ckch21n. Yael Tamar is a featured speaker, talking about “Digital Assets and the Future of Money.” There are only a few seats left for this FREE evening of learning and networking, so grab yours now.

Here’s another free event you’re going to love. On Feb. 18, at 3:00 p.m. Israel time (that’s 8 a.m. EST), Yael Tamar is giving an online webinar as part of NovelVista’s GSDC Learning Carnival. Wondering about blockchain for the real world? She’ll talk about how blockchain is paving a viable path to financing innovative business and development, the current state of regulation and taxation, locally and globally, and so much more. Get all the details and claim your FREE spot

On Feb. 19, we’re partnering again with the University of Nicosia, which was the world’s first university to offer a Master’s degree in blockchain, as well as a free blockchain learning MOOC. They’re hosting a free public evening, “Introduction to Decentralized Finance, DAOs and Tokenization of Assets,” and Yael Tamar will be beaming in live to talk about “Why Tokenization Makes Sense.” For all the details, check out the event’s Facebook page. This event is being held in Nicosia, but if you follow the page, they may upload sections so you can watch them after the event.

Finally, on Feb. 26, Yael will be in NYC for Met Council Annual Real Estate Networking Reception. This event, at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, is one of the year’s biggest fundraisers, providing social services to 225,000 New Yorkers living in poverty. Last year’s reception was attended by over 450 bigwigs from some of NYC’s top real estate concerns and raised over $1.5 million. To meet with Yael while she’s in NYC, click here to pick your best time.

We love what we do – and all the professionals we’re meeting with around the world in so many fields. And we’re proud to cap off a month of globetrotting with an event to help give back… and share the love with those who need it most deeply.

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Tzivia MacLeod

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