What in the world is happening to real estate? (And how to stay safe and thrive!)

The only thing certain right now is uncertainty. Just look at what’s going on.  Markets are nosediving, mortgage rates are sure to be impacted by the global crisis, and widespread temporary unemployment is hitting us all where it hurts most. 

Like you, we have big questions. 

Where will it end? How long will it be until the situation stabilizes – and how can we make sure we come out ahead?

Let’s come together to gather some deep insights by talking to the experts who have seen it all… and more importantly, who can tell us which way we’re heading, and how to stay safe and thrive, even in a crisis.

These are the folks who are usually too busy to talk to us.  With the current situation, they have some time on their hands and luckily, they were excited about the idea of joining us safely online for a lively panel chat about the future of real estate.

Who’s joining us?

Adam Horowitz, Principal, Lever Capital Partners

Joining innovative real estate projects with key capital sources

In 2009, Adam founded Lever Capital Partners, a company dedicated to finding solutions to complex real estate issues.  Based in New York and Las Vegas, the firm offers commercial real estate investors the resources of a national platform alongside the personal commitment of a boutique company.  Adam has worked with some of America’s foremost developers and owners on commercial, office, retail, industrial, hospitality, and other real estate projects all over the country while building and cultivating relationships with key capital sources.

Julio Gonzalez, Founder & CEO, Engineered Tax Services

Using tech know-how to navigate complex taxation law

Since 2003, when Julio founded Engineered Tax Services (ETS), he’s been breaking new ground at the helm of one of America’s largest, fastest growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firms in the country.  ETS uses cutting-edge engineering knowledge to help clients navigate the complicated U.S. tax system, taking advantage of every possible incentive and benefit to save money and maximize their property ROI. A former member of the Forbes finance council, Julio was also recently named one of the 30 Best CEOs of 2020 by The Silicon Review.

Melissa Libner, Head of Marketing – EAST at Knotel

Creating strategic office spaces for today’s sharing economy

With a background in CRE / proptech, Melissa joined Knotel, a growing company with an innovative approach to coworking space, in 2019.  A seasoned networker and fundraiser, Melissa has built up her impressive experience managing branding and content strategy for some of the largest office landlords and residential developers in NYC and beyond.

Other experts TBC.

This isn’t one of those dull webinars where folks talk and talk and talk and talk… you know what we mean.

Your time is precious.  So you have our promise that we’ll keep things focused and moving along the whole time.  We’ll also try to get all your questions answered by our panel of experts – send them in to us HERE [link].

So just grab some snacks, pull up a chair, and join us for a free 60-minute session with 3 of the most knowledgeable people in today’s real estate landscape. It’ll be the most profitable hour you ever spent in your jammies!

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