A New Twist on Writing Wills: Kirobo Transforms Inheritance with Smart Transactions

When it comes to crypto transactions, one of Kirobo’s aims is to protect us from making human errors like sending payment to the wrong wallet, or losing an inheritance when a wallet’s keys are lost.

Kirobo has recently attracted a lot of attention for launching Retrievable Transfer, the undo button for crypto transactions. RT creates a third-step verification for all crypto transactions to protect its users from sending their assets to unwanted hands.

In the case of inheritances, instead of relying on relatives to retrieve their loved one’s legacy, Kirobo is pioneering a smart contract feature that they call “smart transactions,” that allows someone writing a will to predetermine the distribution of their crypto earnings that will only activate after their death.

Discovering “smart transactions” was a welcome accident & Smart transactions are a shortcut through the lengthy and expensive process of creating smart contracts

says Kirobo COO Michael Pearl

on the BlockSolid podcast with host Yael Tamar.

With an October date to launch their new dapp (a decentralized app that can operate autonomously using blockchain), Kirobo is creating “money Legos” that connect different blocks of code together so that any user can create a smart contract with a no-code feature. These contracts will be the building blocks of a mix-and-match use case marketplace.

“Our vision is to create a rich, diverse platform to attract builders to build different use cases,” says Pearl. “We’re calling on people to trust technology. That’s the whole idea behind blockchain—to have the technology facilitate exactly what we want it to facilitate.”

Listen to the full interview on Episode 41 of BlockSolid with Michael Pearl here.

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